The line edit is a deep, line by line look at sentence structures, repetition, dialogue tags, and weaker prose. This is where we fine-tune the vocabulary consistency and readability of your text.

The Focus:

This is a subjective edit that addresses clarity, engagement, delivery, and fluidity at the sentence level. A line edit takes a close look at wordy or hard-to-read sentences, unusual or overused diction, cliches, monotonous passages, and other issues specific to the execution of excellent wordsmithing.

The Return:

At the end of the collaboration, you’ll receive an annotated manuscript with comments or highlights on each page (as needed).

An annotated manuscript is a markup of the literature you provide. It usually includes comments in the margins and highlighted lines and sections, which can be evaluated using the key provided.

The Timeline:

A line edit usually takes about 2 weeks to complete, depending on the length and maturity of the manuscript.

A line edit usually follows a developmental edit. We’ll want to address all content issues before focusing on the prose at the sentence level. Once a line edit is complete, most authors move forward with a copy edit.

Need a Developmental Edit Instead?

“Sometimes brilliance gets buried underneath the tiring effort of writing. That’s why I love Line Edits! They allow me to uncover and polish up moments of the author’s intent that may have gotten left behind otherwise.”