After your content is solid, a copy edit is the fourth edit in line.

The Focus:

This is an objective edit that focuses on the mechanics of sound literature; a copy edit will address spelling, grammar, capitalization, word usage, repetition, dialogue tags, usage of numbers or numerals, and consistency in point-of-view and tense.

The Return:

At the end of the collaboration, you’ll receive a copy of your manuscript with changes made directly to the page. You’ll have the option to accept or reject those changes, though you can skip this step if you’d like.

The Timeline:

A copy edit usually takes about 2 weeks to complete, depending on the length and maturity of the manuscript.

A copy edit usually follows a line edit. We’ll want to address all subjective edits before focusing on the mechanical, objective edits. Once a copy edit is complete, most authors move forward with a proofread.

Need a Line Edit Instead?

“Copy edits are so much fun because you get to see the book from a bird’s eye view. I love being able to read the book when it’s so close to publishing.”