If you haven’t had a professional edit performed on your manuscript, you’ll most likely need an editorial assessment.

If you’re looking for objective edits only, you’ll most likely need a copy edit.

If you contact us, we’re more than happy to chat about which option is right for your book.

Yes! Our chief editor, Ashley, is a pro at query letters! She can help you craft a query letter from scratch, and she can also edit your query letter if you’ve already got one.

Our rates are charged by the word, and they vary based on the type of edit and the book’s maturity.

If you contact us, we’re more than happy to provide a quote!

Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests we receive in a week, we are unable to provide free samples. We are, however, happy to provide samples of work we’ve done in the past. You can learn more about our coaches and their abilities here.

If you have an editorial assessment or a developmental edit done, you’ll be offered a one-hour virtual meeting with your coach at the conclusion of the collaboration.

We specialize in fantasy, science fiction, young adult, and speculative fiction, though we’re open to all genres.

We’re happy to help with your query letter, cover letter, and synopsis. Just contact us for more details.

Most books go through five edits—an editorial assessment, a developmental edit, a line edit, a copy edit, and a proofread. In some cases, we can combine these collaborations into package deals. It is up to the author, though, to make the final decision about how many edits/which edits are right for their book and their budget.

Yes! We are passionate about introducing fresh, new ideas to the literary community. We work with authors at all stages of their writing careers.

You’ll start by contacting us. We’d love to hear about your book, the genre, the intended audience, the word count, and where you’ve been published before. We’d also love a sample of your work (about 10 pages from the middle is ideal), and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Once you’ve accepted the quote, we’ll send over a contract to sign. At this point, if you have an NDA, we’ll also get that signed and returned to you.

Then you’ll upload your manuscript, and we’ll edit!

Once we’re finished, we’ll send you your promised documents and, if we’ve performed a content edit, we can set up a one-hour virtual meeting to chat about your book.