Meet Ashley

Owner, Chief Editor

Ashley is the owner and chief editor of Status Quill, a company she founded in 2015. In her early years editing with North Star Publications, Ashley discovered that her passion for editing often led her down paths of dystopic, fantastical and scientific nature. Her degree in English from the University of Central Missouri, along with years of experience in both editing and publishing, has given her a distinct advantage in the editing and publishing world.

Ashley is a native of rural Missouri, and she now lives with her husband and children in suburban Colorado. When she’s not working, Ashley watches Korean dramas, and sings all the English words in her favorite K-pop songs.


Meet Ali

Senior Editor, Writer and Marketing Director

Ali is the Senior Editor, Writer and Marketing Director at Status Quill. Ali spent three years editing in the traditional publishing world with Pleiades before joining Status Quill as a Senior Editor in 2018.

With an Individualized major in Creative Writing and minors in both Communication and History, Ali enjoys speculative fiction, science fiction and high fantasy.

In addition to running her own editing business and writing her necromancy novel, Ali enjoys studying Russian history, playing video games on her PC, and promoting a minimalist lifestyle.


Meet Sabra

Associate Editor

Sabra loves a good fantasy, romance, or adventure book and shamelessly frequents Wattpad. Her Psychology undergrad work and volunteer work with animal therapy guides her gentle and encouraging editing style.

When her nose is not stuck in a book, it’s sniffing her latest baking creation or nuzzled into her puppy’s fluffy fur.


Meet Sherri

Resident Copyeditor & Proofreader

​Sherri is always striving to learn new information about the mind and how it works. As a Master’s of Science graduate with a focus on Psychology, reading and studying ways in which other people’s mind work is right up her alley. As a perfectionist, Sherri is all about detail. She believes detail and punctuation are very important in getting your point across to the audience.

Sherri is an avid collector of various antiques; however, she considers her 40’s to 60’s restaurant creamers her babies. Presently, she has over 200 creamers and will always be looking for that one more unique one.


Meet Garret

Resident Editor

Garret is a writer, editor and film-enthusiast. With over 5 years working in the literary community as a bookseller, Garret has amassed a collection of media that would put the rest of the coaches at Status Quill to shame. No matter how obscure, if Garret doesn’t own it, he’s at least read, watched or played it. This gives him the universal ability to edit all genres and to generate ideas that might just complete your book.

Garret enjoys cooking, writing short stories and screenplays, and tending to his glorious beard.


Meet Grace

Assistant & Proofreader

Grace’s enthusiasm for organization and administration adds a solidity and efficiency to our team. She loves to colorcode, write in her planner, and have a list for anything she can think of.

She enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, and has a vivid imagination despite her “type A” organizational skills.

In her free time, she loves to camp, ski, spend time with her husband, and be a loveable mom to her dog.